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CSI Consulting LLC

Assisting Victims of American Immigration Fraud

Successes and



"My name is Chris Green from Illinois, by chance I found CSI Consulting and Investigations at a web site for people like me, who have been used for Immigration Fraud. I hired CSI, and within a short time, CSI was able to bring a closure to a nightmare of being a victim of immigration fraud. I have reported my ex wife to I.C.E. and D.H.S., without any response from these agencies. With the assistance of CSI and their knowledge of Immigration Fraud, CSI has been able to give myself back, the self respect and honor, that was stolen by the trust, I and family gave to an Immigration scam-er. CSI delivered. John your company is a bright light in the dark world of Immigration Fraud.

Thank You a Thousand Times Over!"

Chris Green, Chicago, Illinois 4/23/2009

"I was a victim of immigration marriage fraud and use of the VAWA against me by my Romanian spouse. No one believed me when I told them I was the victim, not her. I found John Sampson and hired him as an investigator and expert witness in my case. Thanks to John Sampson's efforts to investigate my case, conduct in-depth document analysis, and establish an activity timeline, he exposed fraud, abuse of the immigration system, and some potential criminal activity perpetrated by my Romanian spouse.  

To anyone facing criminal or civil issues regarding VAWA or immigration fraud, I would HIGHLY recommend you contact John Sampson and put him to work for you. His fees are reasonable and I’ll tell you that I feel the return on my investment with him is well beyond what I ever expected! John – thanks again for everything you’ve done for me and others in the group!"

Danny Cox, Omaha, Nebraska, 4/16/2009

"Mr. Sampson's knowledge of Immigration Law is extensive. He is very diligent in studying the law. There are many attorneys who appear before me who do not have the knowledge and sophistication he does in this area of the law."

J.P. Vandello, Chief Immigration Judge, Denver, Colorado 09/23/2005

Recent Successes

On April 6 and 7, 2009, in Denver County General Sessions Court, Christopher Hoppel, who had been charged with Violating a Court Order and a Crime of Domestic Violence, stood trial on those charges. Mr. Sampson was endorsed as an expert witness in that case and testified as to how marriage frauds work, how foreign national spouses have motive to invent domestic violence charges in order to gain an immigration benefit. Chris testified truthfully that he had violated the Court Order by calling his mother in law in Russia. For that the jury convicted him of the technical violation of the court order. The jury, however, DID NOT, convict him of a Crime of Domestic Violence.

In February of 2009, DG stood trial in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, in Manhattan, charged with Rape in the Third Degree and Criminal Contempt of Court. Mr. Sampson was endorsed as an expert witness in that case, and provided a written article used by the judge in determining the defendant's innocence as to the existence of fraudulent international marriages to gain an immigration benefit, how the frauds work, and how foreign national spouses benefit from making false allegations of domestic violence and other serious crimes of spousal abuse. Mr. G was found NOT GUILTY on all charges, thereby ending a 2 year, 3 month, 11 day nightmare. It didn't come without cost though. He has lost everything he ever worked for and is now bankrupt.

In early 2009, Michael Carr, was facing serious criminal charges of aggravated assault in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Sampson, among others, was listed as an expert witness for the defense. After numerous legal maneuvers by the State's Attorney, all charges were dropped against Mike. He still has the divorce to go through. But the criminal charges have been dismissed, sparing Mike the need to go to trial.

In 2009, Mark Weeks, of Tallahassee, Florida, engaged Mr. Sampson's services. CSI Consulting and Investigations LLC is actively working with Mark and his attorney, to have the I-864, Affidavit of Support withdrawn, and to possibly have his Russian ex-wife criminally charged with making a false police report.

In February of 2010, Ruth Tsehaye, of Aurora, Colorado, was facing a lengthy prison term, charged with Coercion of Involuntary Servitude and Felony Theft of Services, in Arapahoe County, Centennial, Colorado. Mr. Sampson was admitted as an expert and advisory witness in the matter of People of the State of Colorado v. Ruth Tsehaye. He testified as a defense expert witness as it related to immigration fraud, immigration law and procedure, and forensic document analysis, which resulted in Ms. Tsehaye being found "not guilty" of all of the charges against her.

On April 14, 2010, Michael Hale, of Mesa, Arizona, was before the Honorable Teresa Sanders, Maricopa County District Court Judge, involving a Petition for Annulment. Mr. Hale was seeking an annulment from his wife, Liu Ping Hale. Mr. Sampson testifed in that matter as an expert witness in immigration fraud, marriage fraud, and forensic document analysis. Judge Sanders, in her decision, dated May 17, 2010, stated:

"At trial in this matter, Husband presented the testimony of John Sampson, a retired deportation agent with the Department of Homeland Security, who now operates “CSI Consulting and Investigations” in Aurora, Colorado. Mr. Sampson has extensive experience in investigating marriage fraud in immigration proceedings and the fraudulent misuse of the “Violence Against Women Act.”Mr. Sampson’s report regarding this matter is Exhibit 6. At the conclusion of his testimony, Mr. Sampson opined that Wife fraudulently induced Husband to marry her for the sole purpose of obtaining entry into the United States. He based his opinion on several factors, including the website that the parties utilized to meet one another; and Wife’s “visa shopping;” false allegations of domestic violence within days of being served with the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage; the timing of the request for, and subsequent dismissal of, the order of protection; and her contacts with Mr. Lin. It is Mr. Sampson’s belief that Wife was “looking for the first available husband to get her out of China,” and that the subsequent allegations of domestic violence and the obtaining of the order of protection were calculated to protect her from subsequent removal from the United States pursuant to the “Violence Against Women Act.”

She further stated in her decision: "The Court is mindful that this was a marriage of thirteen months’ duration, as opposed to a few days’ duration, and considered whether an annulment was appropriate based upon the length of the marriage. However, based upon the evidence presented at the evidentiary hearing, the Court found the testimony of Mr. Sampson to be very persuasive. Based upon all of the matters presented, the Court finds that Husband has established grounds sufficient to annul his marriage to Wife."

In May of 2010, Mr. Sampson was admitted as an expert witness as it related to immigration marriage fraud, immigration fraud in general, immigration law and procedure, and forensic document analysis, in Denver Municipal Court before the Honorable Clarisse Gonzalez, and testified in the matter of People v. Jeffrey Vibert. Mr. Vibert had been charged with Third Degree Assault / Domestic Violence and of violating a restraining order. Mr. Sampson's testimony helped secure a "Not Guilty" verdict on all charges. The allegations made by Mr. Viber's wife was that he assaulted her by throwing cold water on her.

As they years have gone by, Mr. Sampson has been admitted as an expert witness in the areas of Immigration Marriage Fraud; VAWA Fraud; U Visa Fraud; T Visa Fraud; and Forensic Document Analysis in 15 states and the US District Courts in Colorado, Texas, and Virginia. 

On January 19, 2015, Mr. Sampson appeared on the Investigative Discovery Channel's Crime Drama series "Mail Order Murder" in an episode entitled "The Mafia Connection". He discussed his involvement in the Scott Lee Huss homicide trial held in Charlotte County, Florida. Mr. Sampson testified on behalf of the defense in that case. 

References are available upon request.