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CSI Consulting LLC

Assisting Victims of American Immigration Fraud

Welcome To CSI Consulting LLC

303 South 2nd Avenue

Deer Trail, Colorado 80105

Office Phone: 719-368-2626

Monday - Thursday

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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for a few good men to do nothing" Sir Edmund Burke

What CSI Consulting LLC Can Do For You, The Victim

If you believe you have been scammed by a foreign national into marriage, or if you are facing charges of domestic violence assault, sex assault, or are the subject of a restraining order, filed by your foreign born spouse or alien spouse,CSI Consulting LLC may very well be able to help you.

Every year, thousands of American citizens are falsely accused of domestic violence, sexual assault and other crimes, or are hauled into court to answer allegations of domestic violence in restraining order cases. These allegations are made by the foreign born spouses or Fiancees of American citizens, simply to allow the foreign born spouse to gain a green card by fraudulently inducing the American spouse into marriage with no intent of establishing a life with the American citizen. They are only concerned about getting the coveted Green Card.  

CSI Consulting LLC was formed on January 2, 2009 by John N. Sampson, a retired ICE agent in an effort to assist American citizens who have become victimized not only by cold and calculating foreign national brides, but by the "system" itself. The mission of CSI Consulting LLC is to conduct a Comprehensive and Strategic Immigration forensic analysis aimed at assisting the victim of American immigration fraud, immigration marriage fraud, Immigration VAWA fraud, Immigration U Visa Fraud, Immigration T Visa Fraud, Green Card sham marriages, Immigration domestic violence allegation fraud, and I-360 Self Petitions based upon false allegations of domestic violence or abuse.

The following services to individual clients and / or to the legal profession are available:

Expert witness testimony in criminal, civil, and divorce/annulment proceedings as to the existence of marriage fraud, green card fraud, sham marriages, false allegations of domestic violence, and VAWA fraud and how they work. 

Since the formation of CSI Consulting LLC, Mr. Sampson has been admitted as an expert witness in the states of New York, Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, Indiana, Arizona, California,Wisconsin, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana and Massachusetts, among others. He has testified in a variety of courts in both civil and criminal matters relating to domestic violence allegations, divorce and annulment. He has been recognized and admmitted as an expert witness in the areas of immigration fraud, visa fraud, immigration marriage fraud, T Visa and U Visa fraud, immigration procedure and the immigration process, domestic violence fraud (VAWA Fraud as it relates to immigration matters), as well as a Forensic Document Analyst. 

He has also provided written testimony to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee at the request of Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, regarding the subject of immigration marriage fraud. 

Providing consulting assistance which includes reviewing evidence and documents, conducting record searches, and conducting interviews of potential clients to determine if there is evidence of fraud in an international marriage, and presenting evidence of fraudulent and criminal activity on the part of foreign nationals, to US Citizenship and Immigration Services and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, provided by the victims of American immigration marrige fraud and immigration VAWA Fraud.

This includes the forensic review of all documents in the possession of the client in connection with criminal and immigration matters, the preparation of a Report of Findings for the client's approval, and the forwarding of that Report of Findings and exhibits to USCIS FDNS (Fraud Detection and National Security) and/or US ICE.

Other consulting services include the review and analysis of alleged immigration marriage fraud and/or VAWA fraud claims and providing guidance to the client as to what the client can do on their own to report the matter to USCIS, what possible courses of action the client may take, and how to best protect themselves from harm caused them by their foreign national spouses making false allegations of domestic violence.

Consulting Support services are also provided to attorneys representing clients who have been victimized by foreign nationals committing immigration fraud. This assists the attorney in understanding the intricacies of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and to comprehend how the fraud is committed and why.

Since its formation, CSI Consulting LLC it has become very apparent that attorneys need professional and skilled expert immigration support in order to best assist and represent their clients.

It should also be noted that anyone facing allegations of criminal domestic violence (assault, battery, etc.), or is the subject of a civil restraining order or protection order, should, as soon as possible, obtain the services of a qualified attorney to represent them. It is strongly urged that you do not accept a plea bargain offer from the prosecuting attorney's office without first obtaining legal assistance. 

Domestic violence convictions have life long consequences that cannot be reversed once you are convicted or plea guilty. 

Please Note:

Mr. Sampson is not an attorney and therefore cannot, and will not, provide legal advice, nor does he engage in the unauthorized practice of law. It is strongly recommended however, that you seek the services of an attorney to best protect your rights and to seek legal advice. 

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